An online version of Cohen's "Description historique des monnaies frappées sous l'Empire Romain"
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  • Prefaces, etc.
  • Original Tables of Contents
  • Imperatorial
  • Julio-Claudian dynasty
  • Year of the Four Emperors
  • Flavian Dynasty
  • Nervo-Trajanic Dynasty
  • Antonines
  • Year of the Five Emperors
  • Severan Dynasty
  • The Barracks Emperors
  • The Gallic Empire and Illyrian Emperors
  • Tetrarchy and Constantinian Dynasty
  • Valentinian Dynasty
  • Theodosian Dynasty
  • Western Empire
  • Tesserae
  • Tables

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    And now, for some more formal credits...

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       Azat Akhyarov

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