An online version of Cohen's "Description historique des monnaies frappées sous l'Empire Romain"
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  • Prefaces, etc.
  • Original Tables of Contents
  • Imperatorial
  • Julio-Claudian dynasty
  • Year of the Four Emperors
  • Flavian Dynasty
  • Nervo-Trajanic Dynasty
  • Antonines
  • Year of the Five Emperors
  • Severan Dynasty
  • The Barracks Emperors
  • The Gallic Empire and Illyrian Emperors
  • Tetrarchy and Constantinian Dynasty
  • Valentinian Dynasty
  • Theodosian Dynasty
  • Western Empire
  • Tesserae
  • Tables

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    My main goal in re-publishing this work was to make it more usable in its new electronic format. I have therefore tried to free myself from the original structure of Cohen's volumes; building a tree-like menu of periods/dynasties, emperors and persons appearing on the coins. That's why the menu structure is quite unusual. The first section (Prefaces, etc.) collects the accessory texts and pages that appeared in the original volumes, including the Preface, the introduction by Cohen (appearing at the start of Vol. 1), and the Obituary that appeared at the beginning of Vol. 2, when Henry Cohen died.

    Next, all the original tables of contents from the eight volumes are presented (even though they probably don't have much use any more, as this site's indexes are far easier to navigate).

    After this, the catalog itself appears, with the emperors and other persons grouped into dynasties and periods. As always, this grouping was bound to introduce some inconsistencies. Regardless, I had to follow the page order and this sometimes meant placing some person out of their proper place in this tree.

    I welcome any suggestions about changes that could be made to the menu structure, and I hope this work is useful to you.



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